le desir blanc du nil

Le Desir Shopping Center

If you are craving some summer fashion or want to accessorize yourself during your stay, there is no need to leave the Golden Odyssey hotel.
Le Desir fashion and gift shop located in our lobby has an extensive selection of high fashion brands for our guests to enjoy including the well known Blanc Du Nil . As well as many high quality and craftmanship jewelery and accessories for your loved ones here or back home.

Jewelery and High Quality Hand Crafted Accessories

Precious metal jewelery and accessories, ideal for the island life.
Only the highest quality materials, metals and real leather, combined to offer one of a kind pieces that stand out.

Quality Brand Watches

A large variety of brands for high quality timepieces for men and women,
an excuisite gift for yourself or your partner.

Gifts and Travel Accessories

A large variety of accessories all for the summer traveller.

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